Our Food

Our ingredients are freshly prepared every morning by our award-winning baristas and chefs. From cutting up our local grain-fed chicken or our freshly roasted coffee beans, at The Black Goat Café, you’ll be enjoying the best café fare in Etobicoke.

We’re best-known for our regular blend coffee. A mix of perfectly roasted arabica beans, and a slight hint of caramel. Any one of our famous coffee blends will help you warm up during a cold Etobicoke winter.


The Setting

Our café is only a short 5 minute walk away from the Humber College Lakeshore Campus, making The Black Goat Café the perfect spot for students to meet up with groups, or work solo with laptop-in-hand in our comfortable lounge chairs. The quiet atmosphere of the café is bound to help you focus on your work.

We have 2 large 8-person booths, which can be booked by students looking to have a spot to discuss group projects and collaborate. There is no fee. Book ahead by calling the café at 289-939-1065.